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Close to Revelation and Check Your Tire Pressure

This month we have two auto-fiction stories about parents and children.

Our first auto-fiction piece, “Close to Revelation” written by Janet Lawrence, is set during the pandemic and tells the story of a woman trying to get pregnant using IVF while chaos erupts all around her.

Janet Lawrence is a writer, journalist, and video producer based in New York City. In her writing, she often examines life’s “small” moments to try and find truths that unite us. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her two children.

Narrator/Voice Over actor: Alexandra Echavarri 


Music Composer: Olga Gonithellis  

Our second auto-fiction piece, “Check Your Tire Pressure” by Corinne Noufi, tells the story of a father and daughter and how their love for each other is expressed in seemingly mundane, but very important, rituals that bring them closer together.

This episode contains a swear word.

Corinne Noufi is a marine scientist dedicated to promoting sustainable ocean practices and preserving our waters for future generations. With 17 years spent in Colorado and another decade in Washington State, Corinne now calls Brunswick, Maine, home. She brings her passion and expertise to her role at the Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Maine, where she runs her own podcast, “Salty Talks.” In her free time, Corinne enjoys biking, hiking, cooking, and, of course, podcasting! Join her on “Salty Talks” as she dives into fascinating conversations about aquaculture, marine conservation, and the future of our oceans

The readers are Corinne Noufi and her father Rommel Noufi. 

Music used in “Check Your Tire Pressure” is courtesy of Podcastle/Salty Talks.

Interview with Katie Willis about The Quiet Act of Loving Bones

Story Radio interviews Katie Willis, author of The Quiet Act of Loving Bones, published by Joan Publishing. We discuss bones, inspiration, the colour yellow, Russia and lucid dreaming.

– “It is rare to come across a book that feels, at the same time, overwhelmingly strange and delightfully familiar. The Quiet Act of Loving Bones takes you into a world that is intimate and physical but also ghostly and ecstatic. You’ll dance with it until you feel dizzy and transformed. I think Katie Willis has written a classic.”

– Toby Litt

– Katie Willis has written a beautifully precise dance anti-narrative. Her story is about the quiet defiance of using an interior world to navigate the complexities of embodied life. This book is for anyone who has been an adolescent or a dreamer.

– Laura Joyce

About Katie Willis

– Katie Willis was a ballet dancer. She lives in London, close to a river, dividing her time between water and land, home and hospital. She writes about women and water, bodies and bones, and the stories that bones hold individually and collectively. This is her first novel.

– This episode was produced by Tabitha Potts.

– Music: dark piano-loop in f-minor 2 by Baz_Odink_NL — — License: Creative Commons 0

Anne by Kristin Burniston

Eleven-and-a-half months ago, Mary didn’t know she had sisters. Now, at her home in Hove on England’s South Coast, they meet to scatter their mother Anne’s ashes.

This episode was written, directed, and produced by Kristin Burniston.

Kristin is a graduate of the MA Screenwriting program at the University of Arts London. In 2023, her short film scripts TREE and HAIRY MARY were selected by the City of Angels Film Festival, WOFFF (where HAIRY MARY placed 2nd), and Best-Script, London.

Recently, Kristin‘s script EGGS was made into a short film and will soon be released on to the festival circuit. Currently, Kristin is working on a London-based children’s animation, a crime fiction TV series, and a feature film script based on her menopausal rite-of-passage novel.

ANNE was published in 2022 in Brighton and Beyond: A West Hill Writers Anthology under the pseudonym “Maggie Winters”.

Mary read by Elly Tipping

María read by Iniki Mariano

Marguerite read by Florentia Antoniou

Lucas and Joe read by Theo Greenwood

Photo by Richard Burniston

Written, read and produced by Kristin Burniston

Sound recording by Holywell Studio

Sound design by Christopher Nathan

Post-production and mixing by Duncan Illing

Executive Producer – H Howard

As there are swearwords in this episode, we have rated it as Explicit.

Interview with Miki Lentin about Winter Sun

Martin Nathan and Tabitha Potts interview writer Miki Lentin about his new novel Winter Sun, published by Afsana Press in 2024.

A nine-day winter break in Tenerife. Nothing is quite good enough. A son tries in vain to ask his ailing, elderly Irish Jewish father questions about their past before it is too late. The absurdity and hilarity of family holidays in the sun are brought to life in this sharp and fiercely honest novel that crosses borders, carrying the reader on a ride of childhood pain, a search for identity, and growth.

Miki talks about auto-fiction, package holidays, memory and meals in this fascinating interview.

Miki Lentin took up writing while travelling the world with his family a few years ago.

Miki completed an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck in 2020, and was a finalist in the 2020 Irish Novel Fair for his first book, Winter Sun.

Miki has been placed highly in competitions including Fish Publishing Short Memoir Prize, Brick Lane Bookshop Short Story Award, and Leicester Writes, and has been published in Litro, Storgy, Story Radio, MIR amongst others.

In 2022 he brought out a collection of short stories with Afsana Press, Inner Core, that cover death, anxiety, masculinity, family and children and social good. The book was called ‘consistently enthralling… funny, moving and disturbing in equal measure’ by Francis Gilbert, author of I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here.

Miki volunteers with refugee charity Breaking Barriers and with foodKIND in Greece, and dreams of one day running a café again.

Martin Nathan produced this episode.

Martin Nathan’s short fiction and poetry has appeared in a range of journals and his novel – A Place of Safety is published by Salt Publishing. His dramatic writing has been shortlisted for the Nick Darke award and the Woodward International Prize.

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