What does it mean to do good in today’s society? A short story, Meringues, by Miki Lentin explores what happens when a newly arrived refugee from Iran accompanies his host to a charity Christmas Party, and shows the unintended consequences of what happens when people put their needs above those of helping others.

© Miki Lentin all rights reserved.

Miki Lentin has just finished a Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck University. He is a finalist in the Irish Writer’s Centre Novel Fair 2020, has appeared twice at MIR Live, writes book reviews for MIR Online, achieved 2nd prize in the Momaya Press Short Story Award 2019, and has been published by The Elixir Magazine online. He is a Trustee of The Reading Agency and volunteers @refugeecouncil and at refugee camps in Calais and Greece. Find him on Twitter @mikilentin

Photo by lauramusikanski at Morguefile.com