The Edge is part of a series of location-based pieces exploring the stories and power of landscape. They use GPS location to trigger various sections when you run the app in the link supplied and you are in the correct location.

This piece runs from Birling Gap to Beachy head and explores some of the stories associated with the area. It works either as a clifftop walk or a walk at beach level (although you need to walk on a falling tide).

Despite its beauty Beachy Head has long had associations with loss and destruction. The cliffs were a favourite place of Aleister Crowley, the notorious Great Beast and Satanist, and the piece includes some of the battles between him and local clergy.

Written, produced and read by Martin Nathan.

Martin Nathan has worked as a labourer, showman, pancake chef, fire technician, and a railway engineer. His short fiction has been published by Tangent Press, HCE and Grist and his poetry has appeared in Finished Creatures, Erbacce and Aesthetica. His novel – A Place of Safety is published by Salt Publishing. In 2020 he has been shortlisted for the Woodward International Playwriting Prize and the Nick Darke Award.