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The Quiet Act of Loving Bones book cover

Interview with Katie Willis about The Quiet Act of Loving Bones

Story Radio interviews Katie Willis, author of The Quiet Act of Loving Bones, published by Joan Publishing. We discuss bones, inspiration, the colour yellow, Russia and lucid dreaming.

– “It is rare to come across a book that feels, at the same time, overwhelmingly strange and delightfully familiar. The Quiet Act of Loving Bones takes you into a world that is intimate and physical but also ghostly and ecstatic. You’ll dance with it until you feel dizzy and transformed. I think Katie Willis has written a classic.”

– Toby Litt

– Katie Willis has written a beautifully precise dance anti-narrative. Her story is about the quiet defiance of using an interior world to navigate the complexities of embodied life. This book is for anyone who has been an adolescent or a dreamer.

– Laura Joyce

About Katie Willis

– Katie Willis was a ballet dancer. She lives in London, close to a river, dividing her time between water and land, home and hospital. She writes about women and water, bodies and bones, and the stories that bones hold individually and collectively. This is her first novel.

– This episode was produced by Tabitha Potts.

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