Heard of ‘gaslighting’? It’s from Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play, Gas Light, later adapted for the screen. Hamilton’s novels (Hangover Square, Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, The Gorse Trilogy) include The Slaves of Solitude. Simon Roberts’s adaptation will receive its World Première at the Questors Theatre in May. 

The Slaves of Solitude takes place in 1943. It involves an ill-assorted group of lodgers eking out a wartime existence in a boarding house a few miles outside London. They are joined by two pleasure-seeking GIs and a brash vamp called Vicki Kugelmann. Their arrival has disturbing consequences for Miss Enid Roach, a shy but dignified woman on the verge of middle-age. Hamilton’s dark comedy cleverly interlinks the vastness of devastating world events with the pared-back lives of random strangers forced into close proximity. The blackout battle is on!

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The Slaves of Solitude (questors.org.uk)